Thursday, August 12, 2004

Is it Friday yet?

I wanted to post a picture of Cardi's almost complete yoke today, but I woke up late. Maybe tomorrow it will be a picture of Cardi's finished yoke!

In the meantime, I will post some stash pictures.

First up is the knitting basket. All current projects on any pair of needles needs to fit in here if it isn't on the go with me.

Clockwise from the Creamy Esperanza (which is only cast on, not really a WIP yet), there is the blue wave scarf, the mittens (that need some of their ends weaved in), the Premiere for the Shell-That-I-Haven't-Started-Yet, the remaining Elann for Cardi, the cast on for a Nephew #2 sweater, and underneath them is the longest scarf ever (on hold).


Then, there are the totes.
  • Totes in the den. Top is "charity" knit stash, acrylic worsted mostly; Middle is all wool all the time, used to call it the felting stash, but since I have never felted anything (yet) that is sort of misleading; bottom tote is the "gift" stash. I have better yarns in small quantities for hats, scarves, mitts etc. (And yes, there are a couple items off to the side that don't fit in the totes, but I am not yet willing to admit that I need another one.)
  • Totes behind the couch. These each contain one or two big projects worth of yarn. There is one full of peace fleece for an Everyday Cardi, one full of GGH Goa for a Boogie, one with Patons wool for a Dolman Revisited (IK 2003 winter?), enough Uxbridge Tweed for something... etc.
It's not too bad, eh? I mean, I have seen worse...

And now, hi ho hi ho.... (At least I have a knitting group meeting tonight!)

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