Friday, August 06, 2004

Fridays are for IDEAS

(We'll see if I can remember this all the way to next Friday...)

In the Gifts for Secret Pals dept.:
Check out Galison/Mudpuppy Press. They have beautiful (and affordable) notecards/journals for children and adults. Here are a couple of my favorites:

  • Travel Journal for Kids - How cool lookin' is this? Games and plenty of space for note-taking. (There is also a "Camp" version, and one for older kids.)

  • Organizers - I just got one of these from a friend, and love it already. They have a little accordian 6-pocket folder inside the front cover, and space for notes. Looks like it would be great for yarn or fabric snippets, and it's small enough to toss in a purse or knitting bag!

  • Recipe Notecards - Each note card features a recipe! (The Chocolate on the Brain set includes easy brownies, mousse, cupcakes, and Parisian Hot Cocoa - MMM!)

  • Specialty Journals - Know a birder? A wino (I mean oenophile)? Dreamer? New Mom? Help them record their most important moments with one of these gorgeous journals. (I love the Naughty Naughty Pets cover ~ It's almost worth getting a cat just so I can document her in one of these!)

In the New (to me) Knitting Mag dept.:
In a desparate attempt to feed my knit mag habit (my Rowan membership is supposedly en route—I placed the order on July 16th, I mean hurry UP!) I picked up a copy of the British magazine: Knitting. I can't find any online info about it (how organized can they be with no website?!)

Many of the patterns were eye-watering designs (thanks, Jen!), but there was a great bag pattern made out of separate fan motifs that were sewn together into a small (but long, for needles) project bag. If you like to read 'em for the articles, there was a bit about Debbie Bliss that looked interesting.

In the Fun Facts to Know and Tell© dept.:
Check out all the Generic People at Fact Monster.

How about those wily clergy? (Note: this is a news story, courtesy of about explicit behaviour- if such things offend you, don't click it.)

Wondering how to make little copyright symbols or type your blog entry in GrΣΣk? How about adding in some snazzy little dingbats, like ♥? The folks at WebDesignGroup are here to help. They have a lot of great links to bulletin boards, tutorials, and code standards the next time you need help or a sleeping aid.

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