Thursday, August 05, 2004

eCards!...and Eyes!...and Jazz!...and Toons!

Cardi's got eyes!

I am getting so bored knitting this thing that I actually packed two not-yet-started projects in my bag to take to the little knitting group this evening. I mean the eyelet rows were fun, but they were over too quick! Now my ADD is really flaring... First up is Grandma's Shawl, which I have even put up on the progress list to remind me that it is next. I also brought my Schaefer Esperanza because I could probably knock out my loop/hood thing this weekend if I really applied myself. Not that I am gonna but in case I do, I mean, I probably could.

I ask you: How much orange cotton string can one person take without beginning to covet fluffy pink mohair and chunky creamy white wool [she asks, plaintively]? About 78% of a sweater's worth, apparently [she grumbles]. But I am SO close! {{sigh}}

In the meantime, if you have not seen this cartoon, rush right out and put it on the top of your Netflix list!

and it's on sale, too!

I was so impressed with this cartoon, I can hardly stand it. Amazing Jazz score, beautiful, hand-drawn animation, hilarious slapstick (think Buster Keaton or Charlie Chaplin), a bit of satire (the Americans are universally hugely fat and the French Tour-de-Francers are all stick thin but for their freakish thighs and calves), and fantastic sound effects... I mean GREAT! There are only a couple of lines of dialogue, but you don't miss it! And, as if the music and the humor and the beauty of the drawings weren't tempting enough—the Grandmother knits! (Are you still here? Go rent this flick!)

...Oh, and Ann? Thanks so much for the Netflix recommendation! It was our first watch on our trial membership... I am already so overwhelmed by the convenience! (I added the Station Agent to my list, too)

Oh how I love Secret Pals!
My Secret Pal sent me a very cute eCard, thank you SP! She says has been reading up on me (which, as long as she is not Eff*Bee*Eye, is FINE BY ME) so in the interest of being even more helpful, here are some of the things I love: Did I mention Books last time? I LURVE books, and have an Amazon wishlist (under chelsea f-b). While I try not to buy the books from Amazon much ($$!), it sure is a handy way to keep a list... I am not always the greatest letter-writer, but I really like having interesting stationery on hand when the mood strikes me. I really like lavender, woodsy, and citrus scents. I am not so hot on heavy or fussy smells (like Freesia or Lily), unless they are musky/spicy (like Frankinscence or Sandalwood). Things on my wishlist: windchime for my porch, vase-like something to keep my pretty needles and hooks on display, sachets or soaps to put in my new dresser drawers (they are a little "wood stain" smelling). Please, no blank journals—I have about a million! There are so many cool designs, that I always want them, but then never fill them up!

[in a sing-song voice] ...I have also shipped off something to my secret pal... I hope she likes it!

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