Wednesday, July 28, 2004


Here is the Not-Quite Colinette Poncho:

(click here for a bigger pic)

Not-Quite stats
Pattern: Colinette Vintage Poncho
Yarns (one skein each or less):
Colinette Isis (Jay) *this was the only "as written" yarn
For the Mohair - alternated Classic Elite La Gran (Olive) and Online Linie Punta (#15)
For the Prism - Lang Tahoma (#193)
For the Skye - Manos de Uruguay (Lilac)
For the Wigwam - Colinette Giotto (Jay)
For the Zanziba - Cherry Hill Froth (Green Mtn. Madness)
Gauge: not even close (but, um, it's a poncho... it still fits)
Started: 7/17
Finished: 7/27

I. Love. This. Poncho.

It is so soft and smooshy and fancy. The Giotto and the Punta add a subtle sparkle, and the La Gran, Tahoma, and Manos keep it warm. I was in a meeting in a chilly conference room all day today, and I was so much more comfy with it on than with it off! (The oohs and ahhs from coworkers didn't hurt either. In fact, one woman wanted to pay me to make one, and I may have talked her into learning to knit instead.) Also, my loosy-goosey gauge gives the fabric a "lacier" look than the pattern indicates, making the YOs in Manos "pop" more from the La Gran. As a result of my gauge issues, I had to lop out 9 rows here and there, but you'd never notice.

The photo is a bit dark because this morning it was RAINING, so no outdoor shots. I don't mean it was raining, as in "water fell in drops," I mean RAINING as in "giant sheets of water slammed into the pavement fast and furious."

All morning.

It was very lovely (since I didn't have to walk any great distances outdoors). But folks coming into the office from the parking lot (the lot is right next to the building) were so wet as to require changes of clothing. The beauty of the rain texture applied to "outside" —not unlike the way one can apply a texture in Photoshop®— was not appreciated much by those in it, but I really wish I had had my camera at work to snap some shots.

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