Friday, July 30, 2004

Smart as a sheep?

Today's Fun Fact to Know and Tell© (courtesy of Yahoo's Oddly Enough newswire): If you thought foxes were the crafty ones, get a load of these brainy sheep in the UK. According to the newswire (in case you don't want to follow the link) they have learned how to traverse the "hoof-proof metal grids installed across roads -- executing a neat commando-style roll over the top." This, I would LOVE to see!

First. I got my secret pal! I got my secret pal! WOOOO!

Second. How incredibly awesome is Heidi for pulling this thing together for us?! I am sure there will be unhappy people (there always are). Nevertheless, I hope she gets the appreciation she deserves throughout this thing. (And I heard she got her own secret pal! Much good karma to you, Heidi's SP wherever you are!)

Third. I am so glad it's Friday!

Fourth. Cardi's got arms!

Burnt Orange Cardi of the Dying Light... click here for a bigger "flash"ier shot

Question: I am using Elann's Endless Sonata for Eyelet Cardi. I am a little freaked out about the ends. Any tips or tricks out there? Who knots before weaving (or after)? I have had the "Z" or "N" formation recommended to me. Any thoughts? Right now the new yarn joins are temporarily knotted and they still look like big ole holes!

I really wanna finish this thing before I start my Grandma's shawl. But I really wanna start her shawl, like YESTERDAY! Ugh. Oh well. There's all weekend to think about it.

Here's hoping everyone out there has a fabulously restorative weekend!

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