Tuesday, July 27, 2004

great taste - less filling

Today's factoid (courtesy of Fact Monster—a very cool site): Keep on eye on the Moon down at the bottom right of the blog.  When she swells up to full (this Saturday, the 31st) it will be a "Blue Moon."  A blue moon is the second full moon occuring in one calendar month.   For more than you ever thought there was to know about blue moons, check out fact monster's article.

Here are some shots of the knitting-of-late:

The Eyelet Cardi is about ¾ of an inch from adding the sleeves (sure am glad I did those first—if I had to stop now to do them... fuggedaboudit!).

Here is one side of the Not-Quite-Colinette Poncho... My gauge was really loose, so I knocked out a few rows.  I really like it more open... Plus it leaves me with a lot of extra yarn for scarves and trims and things.  The second side looks just like this (sans a few rows).

And lastly, here is the Cream Shell.  I am definitely not knitting any more on it until one of the above two is done.  And that's final.

Oh, and in case you think I forgot about the new dresser, no way! Here she is in all her huge un-adorned glory (she has since been draped alluringly in exotic silk scarves and piled high with jewlery boxes).

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