Thursday, May 20, 2004

Blogging buddies

I never mentioned how the Monday meeting went because I am a HUGE dork and it happens next Monday. [blush]

But, after my post about not knowing any other knitters in town, the most amazing thing happened: A knitter in town left a comment and said, hey let's get together and knit! Blogs, I tell ya... so cool.

Turns out that SnBs are not the only sit and knit options around. hosts nearly every imaginable type of meeting, including knitting, and there is a Montgomery County, MD group of knitters. What luck! (Many of you out there probably already knew this, but bear with me.) So last night, I went to knit and meet.

Oddly enough, both of the folks I talked with most of the evening were bloggers. Totally unplanned. I rapped with the lively Lara of vibegrrl and Michelle of mimoknits who had the most beautiful Mission Falls cotton WIP. (Unfortunately, I didn't know she was a blogger until after the fact.) She spoke of getting this really great wool from Brooks Farm at MDSW&F... I was able to see it on her blog and confirm that it was indeed the vendor that I was drooling over after running out of cash. (But there's always Rhinebeck!)

One of the best things about the evening (aside from the enjoyable company) was feeling like I was no longer speaking a foreign language when I spoke of things Kit-Bloggerly.

A coworker: What are you making?
Me: It's a Cardi pattern I found online.
CW: ...a "Cardi"?
Me: Oh, a Cardigan. Cardi is what a lot of the other folks I am knitting along with call it, I guess I picked it up while reading their blogs.
CW: ...blogs?
Me: Yeah, online journals of our knitting and often our lives.
CW: You do this journal thing online? [shaking head like I am sadly beyond hope somehow]

As Julia commented so aptly: "Not a single compulsive knitting sociopath in sight."

But last night:
Knitter: Ooh, looks like you're making Salt Peanuts!
Me: Yeah, I also brought my Eyelet Cardi.
Knitter: Eyelet?
Me: Same style as the Sitcom Chic on knitty, but I bought the smaller gauge version from Bonne Marie.
Knitter: Nice! Yeah I liked that one too, but everyone is using the cotton-ease and I am not thrilled with the colors.

(Hee hee, how do we know a blogger said that? Hint: the "everyone.")

Hopefully, Lara and I will be making a trip to Knit Happens this weekend. I am psyched to finally see the famous LYS.

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