Monday, May 24, 2004

Another WIP and some unfettered enthusiasm

I could hardly stand it. What, a whole week with only the two never-ending cardis?! But finally, the clouds broke, I reached my last increase and put one whole Eyelet Cardi sleeve down.

And because I apparently canNOT get enough of Bonne Marie's patterns, picked up a Bottom's Up Bucket for my nephew. Against all the sage advice on the blog circuit, I am using kitchen cotton (because it is what I had and I am making a concerted effort to use up some of the stash at least) along with some Classic Elite cotton. I just tonight finished the double strand... and I have a blister on my index finger to prove it. I had a lovely leather half-thimble for my thumb (which exploded from over-use on the Metro about a half an hour ago) but my index finger wanted to rough it. This is a tough cookie, boy! I am even concerned that my addi Ts won't last till the crown decreases, they are already so kinked at the connections from my mighty death grip.

Also, this weekend, my new knitty pal Lara (aka vibegrrl) and I took a trip over to Knit Happens! They are like the Saks of LYS's... so much Colinette and Jo Sharp and Debbie Bliss-erino and Rowan OH MY!

I had a tough time not buying one of everything (and two of a couple things), but luckily I was able to vaguely recall that things like rent need to be purchased as well, so I limited my enhancement to: Jo Sharp's The Holiday Island: Summer pattern book, two balls of D Bliss's cotton angora in a lovely muted fuschia, two balls of Lana Grossa Binario in Black (wasn't sure what to do with this—total impulse buy—but then I saw a cute little scarf on the KH blog... maybe that, or little evening mittlettes, or I could always go back and get two more and make both!) Oh, and two addi Ts for good luck. Like how I say "limited"? Sheesh.

The shop had a gorgeous shell floor model from the Jo Sharp book, knitted in her super soft Soho Summer Cotton. And I knew I had to have it (the picture is of the ¾ sleeve version, imagine it as the softest drapiest shell ever). But, at nearly $7 a skein even a shell was a bit steep. I figured I would get the book now and find a substitute yarn later. WELL, the knitting universe obviously wants me to make this shell, because later that night while I was surfing around comparing prices on Soho Summer (out of curiousity), what should I find at Personal Threads, but a 40% off sale on... Soho Summer! Needless to say I am not one who just spits at fate, so some of the lovely Thyme is on the way.

All the drama of more freakin' cotton and stash enhancement was way overshadowed by the fun trip there with Lara, the lovely lunch at Cosi (tandoori chicken salad—delish), and the narrow escape from Old Town's one-way streets. Our next adventure will hopefully involve KIP and pedicures à la Veronik Avery (for those of you following along, that means at the same time)! It was really excellent to be able to talk to someone besides my Sweet Baboo about knitting. Can we say it again? YAY blogs!

Now, it is practically tomorrow and I haven't flashed my shawl-to-be OR blabbed onandonandon about how much fun the SnB in Arlington was... so, please, if you haven't flipped the channel yet, stay tuned...

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