Tuesday, May 25, 2004

and a bit more enthusiasm

...in brief:

I had a fabulous time with the Arlington, VA Stitch 'n' Bitchers. I only wish they were a bit closer, but I will be making an effort to get to at least every other meeting, because they seemed a friendly and supportive bunch. (Not to mention a cool group of women!)

Here is the lovely silk and wool for the shawl that will become my next gift to me:

I got the pattern from the most helpful Dorothy at Fiddlesticks. Owing to her service, speed, and nice packaging, I envision her getting more of my business!

My forty dollah camera surprisingly doesn't do the color justice (ha!) but take my word for it, it is a deep violet/grape blending through a dusty lilac and rose to darkish raspberry. It should be a lovely Autumny wrap.

Once I am done with the Salt Peanuts knitting... I got as far as the "at the same time" nightmare section of the right front last night at the SnB, and then only one basic sleeve (as basic as Ms. Avery can make one, anyway). Then I will begin my Lotus Blossom. She's no Charlotte, mind you, but she's allll mine!

At the SnB last night, Debbie mentioned the super cool Russian Join technique, and while it is probably not the best way to join summery cotton or tape yarns, we will be back into DK wools and such soon, so here is the link she passed on to the group: Russian Join**

**[And a hearty thank you to Vicky Peterson ("Mama Bear") for the great instructions in the first place! Be sure to check out her ingenious method of turning an electric mixer into a ball winder.]

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