Tuesday, April 27, 2004

Spot the Blogger

[Well, BGB is still experiencing relocation hiccups, but we at small hands (w.a.s.h.) are resourceful! Today's images will be brought to you by the Verizon servers. I will not be moving any other images over, as I have full faith that BGB will be back in biz in no time, so you will see some little red x's on the page.]

Now it is Time for Spot the Blogger!™
If you will be at the Maryland Sheep & Wool Festival this weekend (and I hope you are), be prepared to Spot the Blogger! Ann at PurlingSwine will have several folks carrying her blogger button on totes. And finally (ta-da) I will have mine! Huge thanks to my Sweet Baboo. He crafted the images, AND ironed 'em on while I was away as a surprise...(w.a.s.h. get all swoony over that kind of thing.)

Bag one: blue and white crocheted, big enough for Lots of Loot
Bag two: Blogger Bag! Click here for a closer look.

Here is the other side of the Blogger Bag

The small hands image uses my very own hands while knitting Salt Peanuts.

Speaking of which, I only have a couple of rows left on my sleeve, and am just in time to start the Dreaded Fronts! Jen, bless her for all her frustrations in the name of Getting This Sweater Finished, found that Michelle at the Dye Pot had documented her notes on all of the short row/decrease collar business (with the multitude of "at the same time"s).

I am thinking it would be nice to incorporate all of the great notes folks have made on this pattern in their very own Salt Peanuts page. Stay tuned.

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