Monday, April 26, 2004

Salt Peanuts Help

Thank gawd for knit-alongs. For those of you languishing in Salt Peanuts Left or Right Front (or, apparently the third circle of pattern hell), you should know that our intrepid knitters Jen and Jessie are doing their part to help you Find Your Way Out.

Jessie's take on the pattern (we at small hands love pictures!)

Jen's longhand version of the left front (and we love following directions!)

BGB's servers are still incommunicado, so no pics today either. I had a rough weekend with my teeth, which kept me from the March, which made me feel like a bad feminist. [insert more mumbly self pity here]

I am working one of the Salt Peanut sleeves (since I am a little scared of the fronts). It is a little over half done, as I spent a large portion of this weekend organizing the stash into tidy tupperware boxes (sadly, three 50 qt and around 8 or 9 shoebox and "larger than shoe box" sized boxes). I tend to organize in very small, controlled ways when I am distraught. I think it is a case of finding control where I can.

Also, inspired by Jen's mountain of FOs, I picked up two of my WIPs and finished one (a bag for wool-loot at MS&WF) and added several inches to the longest scarf ever.

I hope this week to get back on track with Salt Peanuts and get some pics of my Blogger Bag™ (all rights reserved) so you will know me when ya see me at the Fest.

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