Tuesday, March 16, 2004

Inspiration from afar

I found someone making the same wee sweater as I am! Ben's Mom, Amber is making him a version in a BRILLIANT tangelo orange. While she is already done with one whole side, I am still trudging up to the first yoke. I have never knit so much at (for me) a tee-tiny 6 stitch/inch gauge.

I know that is a huge gauge compared to some of the lovely things I have seen while skimming around the knit blogs, but I am still a new knitter. And I am wickedly impatient. And, big chunky yarn on size 17 needles makes a sweater so fast!

Anyway, once the super secret project is done (I have set tomorrow night as my deadline) I will dig into nephew Sebastian's guernsey-esque with newly inspired fervor.

(Until I get a groovy sidebar tracker) On the needles:
* Hex afghan (crocheted)
* A's black and yellow scarf
* Super secret project
* The baby's guersney-wannabe sweater

* Afghan
* Fingerless Gloves (really, mitlets)
* Blue Chenille Scarf
* Crocheted baby blanket

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