Thursday, March 18, 2004

coupla pics!

ok, I have just got to get a digital camera... I finally got some pics taken, then developed, then scanned... and now they are old news! (Plus, my apartment has terrible light, and I was a very sloppy composer, so some of them need to be edited.)

But, FINALLY, a pic or two anyway.

I am going to throw a few in this post until I get the galleries set up over there >>>>>

Here is the baby blanket and the unedited shot of the afghan. Here are A's gloves in process (done now) and the guernsey (I am a couple more inches along).

I have some shots of my latest life drawing favorites and the most recent collage, but those will have to wait for the drawings gallery.

...I can't wait until this feels like a more "functional" space!

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