Thursday, May 19, 2011

The crafting never stops

Just because I'm a lousy knit-blogger these days, doesn't mean I'm not still knitting and such.

Lately, it seems I'm only capable of knitting in a sagey medium green range. It's a good color for
me but the next sweater will be blue or purple.

DONE: (Fried Green) Tomato
Stats will have to come later, but it's made from Manos cotton.

WIP: Cassandra crocheted shawl
I'm using one skein of STR and one skein from a long past MDSW (will I ever get back to one? Will I get to hang with Lara, Carrie, AM, and Jenna EVER?! AGAIN?!)

All the good stuff's happening over at the Enchilada these days, but haven't forgotten this place and I haven't forgotten my readers, both of you: ¡Besos!

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