Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Finished Object: Summery shell by Jo Sharp

Wow. Only, what like... 5 years since this yarn and pattern went into the stash? Here she is, complete, and in the wild!

Forgive the terrible work pics, it was too dark in my place last night.

Pattern: Jo Sharp Chaise from Holiday Island. (Ravelry)
Yarn: Jo Sharp Soho Summer DK cotton in sage green, 6
Size: to fit 37" bust
Needles: US 6s & 4s
Mods: None

What I loved
Very little. This was sort of a labor of want from start to finish. While I look terrible in vests, I like how I look in tanks. My Jems and the cabled shell from years ago are way too big any more and I finally had a bust size that would fit into the largest size (clearly written with more positive ease than I need) so I wanted to make it. The cotton is tiring, the pattern is excruciatingly boring. But I do like the finished object. The finishing technique on the keyhole and armscyes seems to be sturdy enough that they won't sag, so I've mentally filed it away for later.


What I would do differently
She only gives a single stitch count for picking up stitches on the neckline and armscyes for all sizes. There were not enough stitches, so I feel like the neck ruffle isn't quite ruffly enough (though it sags in the back). I added stitches to keep the arms from puckering. It's a bit short, but as I am into layering, this is ok. I will also lose 10 pounds before any more pictures are taken of me. Thanks, summer for being too hot to run in. Over all, I am pleased.


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