Saturday, August 07, 2010

Roadtrip knitting

First, some housekeeping: I have had to turn on comment moderation after a bunch of crazy non-English comments. Sorry, y'all. Hopefully after awhile I will be off their radar and can turn it back off.

I just got back from a 5 day roadtrip with JFC. We made a big AZ-NM loop and hit a couple of hotsprings and a couple of astronomy-related sites along the way (I am taking astronomy this semester--because I am insane).

En route, I finished two knitting projects and today, I started one with some souvenir yarn. I know I haven't covered much knitting lately--surely why I am down to only two readers--but maybe this is a sign of more knitting to come!

The first project I finished is a secret, as it is a pattern I made up that I hope to put up for sale on Ravelry in the next few weeks. If you are interested in test knitting a top down shrug (approx 375-500yds, heavy worsted gauge) let me know. Otherwise, stay tuned.

The second project I finished was Summer Flies shawlette by Holly and Ella Knits. The little shawl/scarf got blocked last night, and here she is reclining by the pool:

Summer flies -STR sandstone

I used Socks That Rock in Sandstone (which was chosen partly because of how well it would coordinate with my trip through the desert). It was a pretty quick knit (two days of riding), though the last 7 rows plus the picot bind off were a tiny bit demoralizing. They were worth it for the cute lil ruffle they made.

Here's the shawlette view:

Summer flies -shawlette

And the way more likely way I will be wearing it view:

Summer flies - scarf

While in Santa Fe, I stopped at the very first yarn shop I ever frequented, The Needle's Eye. My friend Sarah Rae (who helped me figure out my knitting how-to book) and I used to refer to the proprietress and her staff as the "Mean Knitting Ladies," and I was always afraid to go in alone. They were the usual surly types that one finds (or presumes to find) in such little shops. But I am pleased to report that the woman working when I went in last week was very kind, helpful, and accommodating. Was this because I told her I first visited not even knowing how to knit and now I was a designer in two of the books on her shelves? Maybe. Maybe the economy or the years have just soften the folks in Santa Fe.

I wanted to find cotton/elastic sock yarn but they were almost completely sock-yarm-less. Instead, I picked up this unusual looking stuff that was in the sandstone/desert palette that I'd been traveling.

Filatura Fancy Tempo (3 x 114 yds)

It is a cotton/poly blend that is spun with multicolored fluffs of different fibers--almost like a cottony version of that yarn from sari silk, in a finer gauge. As I have started to knit it up (no give to speak of, but lovely drape) it's showing some really nice subtle striping.

Sedimentary scarf in progress

The pattern is a repeat of yarn overs mixed with garter and stockinette. I wanted to show off the variegation in the fiber and play to its drape. I got three balls, if the scarf can be finished in two, I may try to pull off a floppy beanie with the last ball. I'll post the scarf pattern here once it's complete.

I have been slacking on my Amazon links, so here are some inspired by or experienced on, the trip:

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dbostrom said...

Ojo Caliente is outasite. Went there about five years ago & really want to go back. Dusk, a light rain & a selection of semi-deserted mineral pools. Then back to the reasonably-priced vintage hotel for a brief interlude before you do it all again. That's living. And the sunsets!