Wednesday, March 17, 2010

And then three

Today will not include a bunch of crying. University of Arizona said no. I have already done all the bawling I can stand over it.

Since the odds have become highly likely that I am not going to any school next fall for my masters, I have started making plans to get my own place here. I really need a Room of my Own.

I'm still writing, and have posted the latest "losing" piece on the Transatlantic Enchilada. It didnt lose, so much as not win. It came in third, which I will take as a success.

JFC and I spent last weekend on an "urban writers retreat." we stayed in a nice hotel (with a pool for breaks). We both tackled (and completed) submissions. It was a fantastic way to focus our intentions. And a much needed getaway.

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caroline said...

I'm so sorry, chica.