Saturday, February 20, 2010

...and then there were six.

The University of Iowa sent me a note on Thursday.

They respectfully requested that I not waste anyone else's time with my terrible, terrible writing and that I consider a career more in line with my apparent abilities, like maybe being a teller at the DMV.

I'm paraphrasing slightly, but nonetheless they won't be offering me an education next year.

And so now I have started wondering what I will do if they all say no. It's possible that is what will happen. And then, all the reaching for the stars will be a lovely footnote to my (brief) hiatus from the dreary and soul sucking cube-life. We hope it doesn't end that way, but it could!

I have decided to re-open my writing blog, the Transatlantic Enchilada (it's over there on the right), and will be posting there all the stuff that has "failed." Often, this is hardly a reflection on the work itself, so I think it deserves its own time in the sun (or at least in a teeny tiny corner of the blogosphere). That blog also has a tip jar. I was conflicted over this one, but it had been suggested to me a few times in the past, so I figured what the hell. If you think it obligates readers, please let me know--that's the last thing I want to do.

Still eating mostly vegan, by the way. And still slogging through what is possibly the ugliest sweater ever... but who knows? Maybe it will end up super cute! Maybe I will get into school! Maybe I will finally ditch these last lousy ten pounds... all things are possible.

Jury is still out: crafty or ugliest sweater ever?
(O Hai big round belly. Guess who should go running already?)

CDB sizin up the horizon

JFC with magestic view

Fun times hiking with JFC on President's Day...

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caroline said...

nevah, evah, evah, evah give up, chica. Winston can't be wrong. I (and lots of others,too) believe in you. glad to see you keep on writing.