Monday, January 25, 2010

E 2 vegan experiment: Day 1 (now with more knitting!)

So far so good.

My breakfast cereal was remarkably complex (4 different types of cereal, 3 fruits, some add-ins and almond milk) but also quite tasty. I wouldn't have imagined EVER that grapefruit and kiwi over cereal could be good. How is it good? It's crazy pants.

I also made up two lunches and two dinners worth of meals, it took about an hour. There was very little vegetable chopping, which is sort of my healthy eating nemesis--which is why I think it went so fast.

At first I wasn't really sure that this could work for weight loss, but since the E2 diet doesn't allow any added fats (no oils that don't occur in a whole food like nuts or avocados) and at least today's carb load is all very complex--I will now admit it isn't totally impossible. I do wish he would include the calories for the recipes, but I am going to trust him on this.

If you want to join me or try the diet, you can get the book here:

And join the website for free here:
The Engine 2 Academy

I forgot to get a starting weight today before my ginormous cereal bowl, so I will do that tomorrow.

In knitting news, I will be knitting along on a sweater project with my girls in Austin in a couple of weeks, so I am trying to finish up a couple of gifts. Here's the first one in progress...

I hope she likes it...!
Who's hat, half-way done!

Just a basic hat pattern using a Paton's blend for ease of upkeep for my friend Sara (whose nickname in high school was "The Who"). The flashing is pretty distinct, I hope she likes it!

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