Wednesday, February 04, 2009

January run-down

I am going to knock this out without too much reflection or editing. So bear with my wild comma use.

In January, I had to submit some essays, run a half marathon, have a garage sale, go to NY, and try to get a job. I also did some knitting, a fair bit of reading, and a little bit of work for the college I have been attending. Here's how it went...

Essays - I did submit to three lit mags/websites. But I didn't write very much in January. This is pretty disappointing, and goes to the top of the list for February.

Half marathon - That went surprisingly well, but I already wrote alllll about it. There is one more this month. Then I am not sure what to do fitness wise for the rest of the year. I need some new goals, but so much is in flux, it makes it tough.

Garage sale - Went great. I am hoping to have another, but again, the timing is strange and I am getting weirded out about how much stuff I want to be without before I know where I am going and when.

NY - Well, that was a super fun blast.

Me and Corrie!

I got to hang with my girl, Corrie. See my friends play some music, see some art, eat some really good food and reconnect with one of my all time best friends ever, Catkin.

Catkin and I! xoxo

There were a couple of cute boys, but neither of them were the dates I envisioned. Sometimes that's how things happen, and it is even better.

Job - This is still so up in the air I am trying not to get an ulcer. The meeting in NY went well, but there are just NO openings. I could look other places, but I am not sure I have the energy right now with everything else going on... Maybe that is an indicator of bad priorities or eggs in one basket or something. I don't know. Please, if you have a couple of spare fingers to cross, cross them.

Knitting - There is at least one secret project on deck, a sweater down, one in the hopper, and a couple of scarves and things that are nearing the finish line. There were a couple of NYC gift knits finished:

Gift knitting on the plane

This is one area that is suffering from scattered brain syndrome.

Reading - I sold the TV at the garage sale, and I miss it. This makes me feel lame, but I am reading a little bit more. What I really need to do is quit trading the former TV time for online time. It's like I just need to zone on unnecessary info for three hours a day. What is up with that? I will be updating my Good Reads reviews this month as well.

Work at the college - Good. It gets me out of the house and on a schedule. The pay is very small, but that is good too... I need to get used to it!

OVERALL... January went by in a blur. February will be the month of purging, hopefully this will clarify some things. My secondary goal for February is to plan my days and weeks better, so I feel like more of the *good* stuff gets done, and less of the crazy stuff.

It feels good to not be a party animal anymore, though it is much more lonesome. My friends here only like to go out... and now that I am in, well... It's me and the cats most nights. This is a huge drag for me. I would love to make a dinner and have a person or three drop by to talk and drink wine and play dominoes or something. Reason 34 why I hope this move to NYC works out. I can start over, and surround myself with people more supportive of my goals (and vice versa).

On to February!

me and a ficus

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