Thursday, October 23, 2008

Secret Garden Vest: overdue FO report

I finished this baby as part of the Ravelympics... Wow, remember how long ago that was? There is an amazing phenomenon whereby time both stretches and compresses depending on one's situation, and a really amazing book by Stephen King and Barbara Krueger that beautifully addresses it. It's called My Pretty Pony, and if you ever find a copy of it in the wild for less than $75, snap it up.

Anyway, back to the FO. As with all of my other WIPs from long ago, this one came out a bit large. But lucky for me, I made some miscalculations initially, and it wasn't as big as some of the others (cough, tropical t, cough).

Secret Garden Vest - closed


White Lies Designs Secret Garden Vest
Ella Rae Shibu / Rowan RYC Natural Silk Aran

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I went from a chunky gauge down to a worsted. I dropped a couple of needle sizes as well. The gauge worked for the yarn, but thank god I lost weight or this thing NEVER would have buttoned>

Secret Garden Vest - details(Great buttons, and can you see the short rows? So camouflaged!)

What I loved about this pattern
Hi, Feather and fan? Easiest lace to remember ever. Also, this was knit in the round up to the arms: No seaming! Easy as hell. If I would have just had the merest trifling focus, it would have been done in minutes.

What I would do differently next time
Two things, one... designers. Please. PLEASE. PLEASE! If there are decreases in a lace pattern, could you PLEASE write those out? Especially if there are going to be two different decreases... like say, a right and left V-neck front? PLEASE?!

The V-neck ended up sort of rounded and a bit too wonky for my taste. I had to do the first front over a couple of times, but then the second was easier. Am I just a moron? Should I be able to decrease in pattern, all smooth like, in my head? Am I asking too much? Sigh.

And second, when will I learn to stop knitting myself these maw-maw patterns? I mean the green is lovely and makes my eyes practically pop right off of my face they go so well together. And the two yarns worked together smashingly (they were both the last couple of balls in stock at Woolwinders, neither enough for the whole vest, so I added the stripes). The buttons are even perfect. But, I can't for the life of me figure out what to wear with it. Thoughts?

Secret Garden Vest - open

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