Tuesday, October 21, 2008

The Rhinebeck post

I am still too overstimulated from the last two weeks to write a proper post. Maybe it will become a little essay, like the Coney Island bit. Instead, here are just the galleries...

The first two days were spent with my friend Ylon. We did Coney Island and met up with a couple of friends of mine for drinks.

going out


The next two days were spent Rhinebeckin it up. I rode up with Vibegrrl, Mayarn, and Mr. Mayarn. They were all fun and funny. We hung out with the rest of Team Rav for much of the time and helped out Jess and Casey as we could. We shopped, too.

Why are there so many songs about rainbows?


I don't have stash acquisition pics yet, but so far the clear favorite for me was Punta Yarns Mericash Thousand Colors twist. Maya and I both grabbed some of this and Lara got a bulkier version. So beautiful! The colors are almost hypnotic.

The last day, the Beetle gang headed back to Brooklyn after stopping at an insane grocery store. We spent a couple of hours in the Botanical Garden before Lara and I began the hell drive to the Newark airport.

red dahlia


I am already planning another trip to NYC to hang w/ my girl and do some Halloween carousing...

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