Saturday, August 23, 2008


I know that today is not Sunday, but it's been on my mind.

Tomorrow is the last triathlon of the season! (For me.) My number is 220 and my swim cap color is silver... think good thoughts.

Rather than prepare like an elite athlete, I have been entertaining an out of town guest... Doctor Phoebe is here from the UK for ten days (as of Thursday) and we have been having a blast.

We were best pals in high school but she has since been all over the world. We have only seen eachother twice since I graduated.

[L-R: My sometimes stalker, Michael, Me, a former friend from back in the day, and Phoebe]

Here we are in Mrs. Irish's Creative Writing class... My junior year, her sophmore year:

That was 1990. We saw Nine Inch Nails at the Pine Street Theatre and spent a lot of time at Confetti's dance club.

[Crammed into the photo booth with Michael at Confetti's]

Ah, Feeb!

And now, we are having just as much fun. (Except not tonight, which is her birthday... I am sadly having to prepare for my race by Doing Nothing. She is out seeing a couple of really great bands with a friend from Uni. She won't be at the finish line tomorrow, which is a bit heartbreaking, but I'll live.)

Doctor Phoebe and I
[Pic by PVMoore, taken on Thursday night]

Feeb and Me
[Before going out, at Arts n Drafts... She's still figuring out the whole "knitting thing" that I am all on about.]

Fun Times. I am going to hopefully finish one more WIP tonight, but that may be it for my WIPs wrestling... Tomorrow may be too shot. Stay tuned for the race report.

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