Friday, August 22, 2008

Flashback Friday and lemons

This week it is back to cute lil kid pics. Before all those awkward years (I sure hope they are over soon!)...

That Koala bear was made out of actual Koala Bear
I look like I am maybe 2? My biological father brought that Koala Bear back from Ausralia, along with two Kangaroo skins. He always said it was made from actual Koala, but I am sure it was just rabbit. I kept it for a long time... it might even still be around in a box. His mother, my late Grandma Fowler, used to put a different colored ribbon around its neck for all of the holidays.

I don't think I could wear a water buffalo on a T shirt now
Again with the Power Stance. Heh. My (other) Grandmother, the amateur photographer, had just gotten a new, faster lens. We spent all morning with me posing on--and jumping off--driftwood so she could practice "action" shots. She brought me that T-shirt back from Manila (probably already 2 years old from the look of the fit)... I wore it until it was scandalous.

At the Enchanted Forest
It is not easy being a glamourous super model before you are even in kindergarten. This is in front of the "Crooked House" at the Enchanted Forest.* Last time I was there, I was in high school and on copious amounts of hallucinogens. I remember my girlfriends and I sat down in the crooked house to smoke some cigarettes and calm down, until we were chased out by outraged parents.


And lastly, when life gives you lemons... feed them to a baby.

[This one has been passed around more than... ok, I can't think of a metaphor that isn't offensive. But, A LOT. I think this version is from College Humor, but I found it via Stitch.]

*Here's the official site for the Enchanted Forest, and Tina and Chris Pfeiffer have some great pics of the place HERE.

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