Friday, August 01, 2008

Flashback Friday

Recently, I looked down at my hands and realized that they looked just like my high school hands.

chipped pink nails and cheap rings, 18 years later
[Chipped pink polish and cheap rings]

In honor of Carrieoke's and GirlReaction's killer flickr pool "When We Were Young" (which I totally barged into uninvited, because HI, I am a hogass). I decided to look around for other pics that created bridges between long ago- and now-me.

This is perhaps my first glamour shot around age 6, posing for my amateur photographer grandmother. I was her first grandkid for almost 6 years. In that time she took approximately 80 million pictures of me.

around age 6, posing for grandma
[I don't have a weird scrape on my nose, its some flaw in the original photo]

Here I am as the already disbelieving--but humoring you anyway--old soul. I think I am 2 or 3.

around age 2, already a little patronizing

And this one was the most shocking. It was recently brought to my attention that I put my hands on my hips in a lot of pictures in a way that appears commanding or aggressive. I have often been called intimidating and cold by people I don't care for much; I thought they were just being pussies. And I thought the reason I always put my hands on my hips was to hide the, um, abundance of hip that I have. BUT! It turns out that even at a young age I was scowly and confrontational.

around age 6, already with scowl and hands on hips
[The pic says Sept 79--so I was six and a half. How much does that Hong Kong T-shirt rock?]

Stay tuned tomorrow, when hopefully the auto-posting feature will put up a post about me eating M & Ms. O the excitement of everyday posting NEVER ENDS!

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