Thursday, July 31, 2008

FO Thursday!

I. Love. This. Sweater.

Lace Cardi green on green
Pattern: Blue Sky Eyelet Cardigan (size Large)
Yarn: Knit Picks Shine Worsted in Grass (11 skeins)
Ravelry link: Green Cardi

The only mods I made were to shorten the sleeves in the ribbing (for my short upper arms) and lengthen the body below the bust shaping. As I have mentioned before, I have a body that requires extra fabric in the boobral area.

Lace Cardi Mountaineering! (I mean, button close-up)

Several Ravelers mentioned that for busty gals, the sweater ended up way too short. If I had knit a medium, my extra length would have been just right, but I didn't know I would be losing 20 lbs between project start and finish. With the extra two pattern repeats, I now have a non cropped sweater.

Lace cardi - back view

Luckily I am ok with that, and also, it will squinch up a bit after a wash n dry.

What I love(d)
  • The softness of the Shine
  • The color
  • The wide neckline
  • The easy to memorize lace
  • The way the lace and ribs are curve-hugging
  • These set-in sleeves actually worked, first time!

Lace cardi - how I will probably always wear it

What I would do differently

  • I read on Ravelry that the lace/ribbing patterns on the fronts and backs did not match up at the shoulders. If I were to do this again, I would do the math to make them match, it's a little thing, but gives it slightly less polished look.
  • Also another nit to pick, but the button band should have been picked up next to a knit row, instead of purls, as it really wants to curl out. I couldn't visualize this issue, and am not so undone by it that I want to rip the whole sweater apart to fix it. I will live with it, but I think it would have been visually tidier and structurally more sound.
  • Make a smaller size
  • Possibly tweak the sleeve length so I don't have to cuff them. The shine is heavy and the cuffs tend to unroll.
Lace Cardi Vogue

Love love love!

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