Monday, July 28, 2008

Monday morning, coming down

My feet hurt, and I have a run workout tonight! Training isn't over, as there is one more triathlon (The Sweet & Twisted Tri on August 24th).

I have a "race blog" that I use to track workouts and race results... I haven't been keeping it up this training season, but I put all the numbers there. To see how I did, clicky clicky. The bike ended up not being as miraculously fast as I had hoped and the swim was pretty disappointing, but my run was a Personal Record, so I am happy overall.

Last night, I finally seamed up the last bits of the lace cardi. I still need to put in the wide rib neckline and the button bands. It is slipping off the shoulders, but the neckline should fix that. I am slightly concerned that the button band will make it too big around, but I am going to wait to pass judgement.

WIP: Shine Green lace cardi

WIP: Shine Green lace cardi

WIP: Shine Green lace cardi

Things about it I already love:
  • The color!
  • The drape of the slightly heavy but still soft Shine Worsted
  • The perfect sleeve length (one of my mods)
  • Slightly looser fit than written - in the heat, a tight sweater becomes a wet rag pretty quickly

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