Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Houston, we have a neckline

Picking up the neckline is always so nerve-wracking for me. Will there be gaps? Puckers? Will the ribbing stick straight out instead of lie down obediently? Will the bind off be all ripply and crappy? I am afraid that (much like insetting sleeves) I don't know enough of the science behind getting it right, so it always feels like a bit of a crapshoot.

Add to all that my concern over whether or not this neckline would tighten up the sweater enough to keep it from falling off my shoulders... Last night was as much of a nailbiter as a night of knitting and watching PBS can be.

The results? Fantastic.

No gaps at the back!
[No sags or puckers along the back neckline]

Cardi neckline
[Matching curves and no holes along the two fronts]

Smooth bind off
[Smooth bind off and a neckline that will NOT fall off my shoulders like an 80s shaker sweater]

I can't wait to finish this thing and get to organizing my WIPs for the Ravelympics [ravelry.com link]!

It was some bit of crazy knitting synchronicity that just a few days after unearthing all of these long- and not-so-long-neglected WIPs that I saw the post for the Ravelympics with the WIPs Wrestling event!

So, I am crazy, but I am going to try to finish the following WIPs:
  • Diagonal Crochet Blanket
  • Polar Blizzard wrap from Scarf style
  • That damned Oat Couture T-shirt
  • A pair of socks for my friend Steve
  • The White Lies vest that has been PRACTICALLY done for months
  • A guitar strap for this guy in an awesome band that I met/heard in Virginia.

It would be so completely badass if I can finish them all. I am most worried about the Blanket. It has a ways to go. Gulp.

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