Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Long time no see

I am still alive. I have even been knitting, but I have also been moving into my first house, travelling almost every week (every other month) and having too much fun inbetween.

Looks like my old server has finally kicked me off, so it is high time for a new template. Hopefully in the coming days I can give the old blog a much needed overhaul.

Some of the shit that's been superfantastic in the last few months:
* Getting to see all my knitbuds (even AMY!!!) on my last trip to DC for awhile.

(I thought someone got a pic of this, but now I can't find it)

And while we were there, we got to hear Steph give a hilarious and heartwarming talk:

(I stole that one from Sarah)

* Lots of cool shows. Including a couple of badass nights of Ween, Amplified Heat's cd release, Turbonegro, and our pals Mr. Lewis and the Funeral Five. (Also, BF's band is getting off the ground and has 3 gigs this month with a couple pending for next, so stay tuned!)

* A really awesome vacation/roadtrip up the West Coast... Some highlights:
Waiting on the plane
a biker chick took this one
makin out in the gondola
(There were some beaches, and roadside attractions, and long lost friends, too...)

* Knitting has been going on; some secret, some not-so-much. I have been posting as much as I can on Ravelry. Don't you love it the MOST? If you aren't there yet, drop me a line... I *might* have a way to get you on board.

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