Thursday, January 19, 2006

WARNING: Super-Political Post ahead.

This weekend, I had the opportunity to make a difference. And the wonderful Amy allowed me to drag her along into the veritable fray.

Yesterday we headed down to NOW headquarters in DC and did some lobbying--calling New Yorkers and urging them to pressure Senator Shuman into leading a filibuster against the Alito nomination. I am sad that it has come to a filibuster. I know the Republicans have been threatening all sorts of nastiness if one happens... But we need to do whatever it takes to keep this guy off the bench!

Read more about his atrocious and scary voting history here. This guy is a lifer if he gets that seat, kids. And really, abortion-rights are only one of the things we would need to worry about: he has voted against the Family & Medical Leave Act, protecting women from sexual harrassment in the workplace, and safeguarding personal privacy in the face of unfair police searches.

Later, we headed to the steps of the Supreme Court for a little chanting, some candlelight vigil-ing, and for sure some nasty ass heckling from the supposedly "sweet kids" in the camps of the opposition.

One of our co-protesters expressing her opinion about all of the anti-choice chalk along the way to the Court steps

"5-4, 4-5, These decisions change our lives!"

Doing our civic duty

2 Days left. Here's how you can help:
Call your Senator and urge them to support a filibuster.

Call Arlen Specter and let him know that he would be best served distancing himself from the crazies if he ever hopes to be re-elected.

Maybe it's impossible to stop, but I refuse to wake up on Thursday, feeling like I did the day after the last election. I could have done more then, and maybe the outcome would have been the same... and maybe not. If we had each just done a little more, don't you think we could have stopped it?

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