Monday, December 12, 2005

I know, I know

I have recently been harangued for not posting. It's the xmas knitting, the wrapping, the cards, the trying-not-to-feel-sad-all-the-time, and these two

(The current guess is brother and sister, if so their names are Simon and Polly Jean)

that have been taking up my time.

Also, on Friday I scored a cheap ticket to see Depeche Mode (AWESOME!) and on Sunday I went to the DAR Constitution Hall for some Army Band Christmas music (this made me as sad as it did happy, so it is maybe a wash).

Tis the season of my discontent. I want my life to be different right now in so many ways. It is frustrating that change takes time.

One bit of good news, I was at the dentist today and he said that my mouth was so small as to be difficult to work on... This is in direct conflict with most opinions I have gotten about my mouth for my whole life. I won't be renaming the blog or anything, but he did say he would put it in writing for me at my next visit.

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