Tuesday, November 01, 2005

You spin me right round, baby

Right round, like a record, baby
Right round, Right round!

The weekend was rather whirlwind-ish... On Friday, I volunteered at Boo at the Zoo again this year (gotta love kids in costumes). My employer was handing out organic gala apples. All of the volunteers thought we would have a hard time getting rid of them, but I don't think you'd be surprised to know that parents are pretty excited about an apple at such a sugar-coma-inducing event.

On Saturday I went to a house-warming party for Rossana. Two things to know about any invite to Rossana's: Absolutely accept, and starve yourself for a week or two before you go.

She and her husband are delightful hosts and the quantity (and quality) of the food and company was nearly overwhelming. They even got me to drink (and enjoy) a few tasty wines.

Since Rossana lives about forever away from me, I stayed over. In the morning she and I and another over-night guest all made our way to the Leesburg outlets. I wasn't going to buy much, but then... Well, then I just did. I got some great new fall sweaters and some needed housewares. Did I need the cute black shoes? Probably not in any medical sense, but they sure hit the spot!

I got back late Sunday night. Turns out a bit too late to hang with Lara for some spooky Halloween fun, damn it. But, I was productive nonetheless.

I took the rest of this:

And made it into this:

The wool is from Spinner's Hill and is a Corriedale / Rambouillet / Something else blend, and was a great first fiber for Cecilia and me. My spinning is a bit... um, tight. But, it's yarn! And I made it!

So what will I spin next?

Red and brown Blue Faced Leicester (the merino tencel in the front is on hold for spindling).

Cormo from Foxhill Farms in glorious Autumnal reds and purples.

Black and purple merino (and silk, I think)... I just want to pet this stuff!

Gorgeous blue on blue merino.

There is more fiber stash from Rhinebeck, but the yellow went so fast I am pretty sure I should have gotten more. Lots more. So, you know, I'll be the garbage bag toting lady at MD$W in the spring.

So, which would you spin next?

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