Monday, November 07, 2005

L'automne est arrive!

This weekend was good.

On Saturday, I went on a nine-mile hike up and down the Potomac. We started by walking through some beautiful Arlington, VA neighborhoods:

Then crossed the Potomac at Chain Bridge. We hiked up the C & O Canal trail:

Past Georgetown University:

And then crossed back into Virginia on the Key Bridge. We got to see a startling sunset:

Then on Sunday, I did a meager amount of housework, and then dinnerandashow with Lara.

We went to see Jem. You may have heard her music on the soundtrack to Closer or playing in the background on Grey's Anatomy or Desparate Housewives. And it was pretty alright. The band was great (how cute are a bunch of Brits spontaneously busting out with "Sweet Home Alabama" ??) I think I like her CD more than the live version. It is hard to see SRO mellow shows. I just wanted to sink into a big comfy chair and drink tea. I bought the CD at the show and it has been on repeat ever since:

And uh, there was no spinning, and barely any knitting. What did you do this weekend?

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