Friday, October 28, 2005

WIPs and Chains

I really didn't want to feel obligated to knit a bunch of stuff for xmas... But somehow it has happened. I need:
  • Sweater for oldest nephew

  • Furry black scarf for mom

  • Kittyville hat for sis

  • Baby blanket for buddy

  • Chenille scarf for friend's son

  • Something for friend's wife

I am sure there's more, but my brain is addled by the list so far. Eek!

So let's look at what I am working on instead of all of the above. I am so going to need 1.877.SOS.KNIT (have you called it yet?)

In Knitting:

Lauren's punchy bolero pattern in LB "Suede".

Basic sock in Moda Dea Sassy Stripe.

In Spinning (yeah, baby!):

Beautiful blend (including rambouillet, but I can't find the receipt, so I don't know what else). This is my second try at this one.

Gaw-jus Merino-Tencel blend from Sheep Shed.

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