Wednesday, October 26, 2005

All-request Wednesday

Ann has suggested, subtly (as is her way) that I get back to the business of knitting-related content, you know, on my Knit Blog. (I will refrain from any obvious pot and kettle comments, only because it is a good idea.)

So for today, I will skip the moping and travel slides and talk about socks.

My very favorite sock pattern (and the one I almost always use no matter who's pattern I am knitting) can be found here:

This book is great. It has an easy-to-follow basic pattern for both a toe-up and a cuff-down sock (on 4 or 5 needles) and then has sections on more fancy stuff like cables and colorwork. She also has a handy little chart a la Ann Budd that gives the key numbers for child small through men's large socks at 5 - 10 st/in.

The "key number" feature allows me to knit short-row toes and heels sans pattern. Lara and Sarah can attest to my ability to pull together a very passable toe at 4 in the morning on the NJ Turnpike. And later, Lara saw me finish the heel while watching The Ring.

In all honesty, I haven't used the rest of the book... There are just too many great patterns out there and PGR's shortrow toe and heel work for all of them.

Here are a couple of free sources with variations:
  • Wendy has an easy-to-follow pattern (she wraps the short-row stitches) as well as a picture-rich article in Knitty

  • Kim Salazar has written up a pattern in four sizes that starts with a figure-8 cast-on (I want to try one of these sometime)

  • If you are freaked out by (or just don't like) the short-row look, Judy Gibson has a toe-up pattern with a flap-heel

On the subject of socks... Here is a bit more Rhinebeck schwag:

The socks are knit with the above mentioned pattern from Patricia Gibson-Roberts, and Lion Brand's Magic Stripes in Denim. Also notice the cute sheepy mug from the Sheep Shed, and a little sheepy ornament from the guy who sold Ann his last maple spinning stool. The last one. And he doesn't ship (who doesn't ship??). Not that I am bitter.*

*(I really wouldn't have bought one anyway, Lara's car was already so full. But don't tell Ann.)

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