Friday, September 02, 2005


I have been feeling under the weather, so expect few and far between posts.

The FBS is sadly deceased. Brooks Primero is gorgeous stuff, but between the variegation and the halo, the baskets were invisible. I have unsuccessfully tried two other patterns and been dissatisfied. Anyone out there have a great recipe for a skein of Primero? I love the sage-to-mossy greens so much and the slippery soft weight of this stuff SO much. It must want to be *SOME*thing good.

Also, I will be in Columbus, OH next week, for work stuff. Any LYS recommendations? I will be staying very close to Temptations in Dublin, and not too far from The Yarn Shop and Knitter's Mercantile. If I could only visit one, which one?

Last but not least, please go see Margene and Susan over at give a little and donate to the Red Cross's efforts to help survivors of Katrina.

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