Monday, June 13, 2005

Monday, Monday.

I have no pictures from the weekend. Can you believe, I completely forgot to load them?

Notes from the Edge:
  • I did go on the hike, but the heat and my heavy boots contributed to a bit of heat stroke and a nearly-migraine. I had to bail out a few short blocks from the end. Needless to say, I now have low hikers and a new pair of hiking shorts.
  • I finished one thing: a yellow Dulaan hat.
  • I started documenting my stash.

That last one is a doozy. I don't have any cool gallery software, so I was at a loss initially on how to do this in a manageable way. I didn't want to have to write and upload new html code each time I updated. The answer was a new blog. A sub-blog, if you will. I will be dumping all of my stash in there and keeping track of it somehow.

You can see it here: Anatomy of a Stash.

I still have about thirty pics from the weekend to post, so it is definitely a WIP of its own. I think I will use Anatomy to swap out leftovers or reconsiderations, but I am not sure yet. I know I want to find homes for a few balls of GGH Goa and Aspen that I have leftover from projects, and I have a ton of knitting mags from the 80s that need to move on... I wish Blogspot had a way to categorize entries. Anyone know of a hack for that? That way I could have "Sock," "Book," and "Sweater" categories, etc.

I welcome any comments along the lines of "It's not nearly as bad as mine!"

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