Monday, May 16, 2005

Seeing Pink

Flower Picture Week
Has anyone posted flower pics yet? This week is FLOWER PICTURE WEEK! Show us the May Flowers wherever you are...


Let me know if you have a flower up, so I can link ya.

Race For the Cure Update
Next, for anyone who wanted to sponsor me in the National Race for the Cure, I have some bad news. The asshats (thanks Jen and La, for my favorite new word) over in marketing decided to use a feature called "team bundling" when they registered us... The gist of it is, I am merely "team member X" and you cannot pledge on my behalf online.

HOWEVER. I can accept good old-fashioned pledges.
  • If you can mail a check by May 25th to the Foundation, email me and we can swap pertinent information.
  • If enough folks pledge by mail that I qualify for a prize (scroll down to see them), then all pledgers will be in the hat for said prize.
  • If anyone is willing to do this, they will each get a token of my appreciation by mail after the race.
  • If you are interested, write to me at kali{at}bgb{dot}com
AND STILL. You can still give a generic donation here. I talked with the folks at the Komen foundation about the drag that is "bundling," and they said I was not alone in my frustration. They will be modifying the team-build function for next year so that all members have online pledge pages.

Isn't this a KNITblog?
The secret continues... And it looks [whispered insinuatingly] scandalous.

Have I turned to a life of shameless hooking to support my fiber habit? What does FMF think of all this? Inquiring minds might be mildly curious!

Tomorrow: What happened during "crazymad spinning weekend."

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