Monday, May 09, 2005

The pictures I didn't take at MDS$W

I got a lot of pictures. Two whole memory cards full! But, before I bust out the travelogue, I want to be sure and make note of all the pics I did NOT take, 'cause those are the first I will forget.

First. Everyone else has the cool ass group shots. Look around, you'll see. It was a crazy wild knitblogger con, man! If you have an awesome pic of knitters, let me know. I would love to see it.

Now. Why didn't I get a pic of Cara with her super dreamy green Brooks Farms Fiber? I will be on the edge of my seat waiting for the FO!

I really wish I had the pic of Erika with the corndog and oreos (I hope Lara got it!)

How come I don't have a shot of Crafty Sarah and Lara singing Summer Lovin'? (And for that matter, Cheryl's sassy Stefani cover?)

I was so drooly at Tess' that I completely forgot to take pictures of all the luscious fiber-crack!

I failed to snap Jenna, Nathania, Rachael & Lala, and Heather (and lots of other fabulous women)... But I still had a GREAT time meeting them all.

I completely spaced on getting any pictures of the crowd of bloggers at the T-shirt hall all taking each other's pictures. All the "normals" seemed intrigued by the small clusters of wild photographers taking blogworthy shots of funny faces and "finally meeting"s and "ohmygodthatisagorgeous boobholder/audrey/clapotis/charlotte!"s

However, I did get this shot:

Cute or super creepy?

Next up: Shameless yarn pr0n. I mean, it was a sheep and WOOL festival, after all...

Last but not least: To all you fest-goers, what song do you feel sums up your festival experience this year? (My answer in the next post.)

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