Thursday, May 19, 2005

Only two days left...

...Of Flower Pic Week! And thanks to a certain someone throwing some dear violets my way, the flowers are flooding the knit-waves!

This post is a test of the timed-blog-entry-system.

I hope I hope I hope that it is showing up on Thursday. If so, then hi! It's Thursday and I am away from my desk doing all manner of good deeds with my coworkers. If you are catching this post in the a.m., we are prepping good eats in a local soup kitchen, in the afternoon, sorting groceries at a food bank. For dinner, we are going all posh (grubby though we will be). My job rocks (I haven't been able to say that since college)!

Anyway, I will try to find all the flowers tonight or tomorrow. In the meantime, keep 'em coming!


So, the real reason for this distracting flower-full week is that this is what I have been knitting:

Wait, can't you see it? There amidst the full niddy (!!), the boringtextbook (technical editing may be a lot of things, but "intriguing" ain't one of 'em), and the littlest peek of a secret hooking project? C'mon! The big black blobs! See them now?

Yeah. So which would you rather see, six more inches of black stockinette or bleeding hearts and roses and lilies and violets? If you said "MORE FLOWERS!!!" then we are on the Same Page.

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