Tuesday, May 17, 2005

It isn't just me...

Other people do this, right?

Here is my workspace:

[Yes it looks dark, and it is a bit, but not as bad as the pic makes it seem. Also, yes, it is really cluttered. Welcome to every environment with which I come into contact. But I know where everything is.]

But look a little closer...

(Next to the computer, the Sirenetta Shell - No, I do not knit for a living, though some co-workers may believe I do.)

(In my lower left drawer: some emergency cashmere, an extra set of needles, and some stitch holders.)

But the absolute worst, is what is under the desk. In that box is the rest of the cotton for the shell... And some Gigi that I bought on impulse and for which I currently have no plans. That's right, my stash has reached all the way to my office.

I'm not the only one with a work stash, am I?

And NO! I did not forget the lovely lovely flowers!
But before you look at my stuff, take a gander at these beautiful pics: Marina, Cara, Jenna, Eyeleen, La (flowers in vases totally count), and Ann. If there are more out there, let me know!


This orchid is on my boss' desk. I love it, and wish I had the patience for orchids.

This cascade grows on some trees on my walk home. I don' t know what it is, but it smells wonderful. Anyone have any idea?

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