Friday, May 27, 2005


I am heading over to my favorite LYS for a little birthday retail therapy. In the meantime, I saw this over at Kay and Ann's and loved it...

The place I grew up:

City of Roses... PDX... Seattle's cuter little sister.

The place I live now:

Washington, DC suburbs. At least I am right on the Red Line.

My name:


My grandmothers' names:

(This is a Cisthene juanita moth)

Although my grandma never went in much for fishin'

My favorite food:

Yes. Even though it gives me migraines sometimes.

My favorite drink:

I know, totally bo-o-ring... I know you were hoping for:

My favorite song:

(One of at least a dozen...)

My favorite smell:

Could also double as fave drink... mmm!

...and since I am not a shoe person,
My favorite earrings:

Simple, graceful, and go with everything.

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