Monday, March 07, 2005

As you can see, there are no pictures.

But rest assured! Pictures were taken... I just can't show them to you.

My weekend was spent desperately trying to find a non-tent like dress for my sister's wedding, and working on a few super secret projects.

And I can't show you either.

But I have decided, while in the grips of some serious startitis, to do a bit of unofficial, pre-spring-cleaning stash-busting. I am going through the less-than-dreamy acrylic first. A baby binkie is in the works, and some unworkable stuff will be sent off to a charity.

I also have some magazines to de-stash. First and foremost, the new Rowan. It doesn't move me in the least (to such a degree that I went and checked the other issues I have, to make sure I liked them... I do, just not this one). Anyone out there care to make me an offer?

FMF has promised to model his new socks tonight. Plus I have lots of S.E.X. to document, and possibly even a progress shot or two.

I need to know how to re-inspire myself with some of my nearly-UFOs. Please leave me a comment if you have some tip or trick that you use to fall back in love with a former knit-flame. Consider it a contest. The prize: cool yarn of some kind or another. The deadline: how about Friday?

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