Thursday, March 03, 2005

and?... THEN what happened??

Right. So, remember how I am a crummy poster while I am out of town for god-awfully long stretches of time? Well, apparently I am just as crummy when I am home. Things have most certainly occured lately, I have just been either too swamped or too tired to discuss them.

Some highlights:

* Did I mention I went to the beach? That was in the middle of one of the two-week stints in Texas. I came back expressly for a day on Chesapeake Bay hunting for fossilized sharks' teeth. I am the mighty hunter: came back with several fossilized shell and coral pieces and one ominous tooth.

* Finished the Mission Falls socks for FMF. He only likes boring ribbed socks so he is off the recipient list for a bit.

* Finished sole one and toe two of a pair of Blueberry Waffle socks for me (I am much more daring than FMF) out of a beautiful red-brown-black hand dye from Spirit Trail. I am concerned that I should have used a much bigger needle to truly highlight the pattern, but we'll see.

* Speaking of, I attended a FANTASTIC yarn party at Paula's -- all the coolest bloggers were there...[ed, Amie, how did I miss meeting you??]. And some cool bloggers (you know who you are) were scheduled to come but couldn't make it, making me sad.

Obviously I bought much yarn. What is a yarn party sans yarn loot? At least three pairs of socks worth, and one cool sock pattern.

(PS, for those of you keeping track, the YNBA has been discarded in favor of material gain... much like most of my youthful idealism. Or, for you hopeless optimists out there, it was a trial YNBA to bolster me for the real YNBA that I will start smffsfday.)

* I got a snow day!!! (And the crowd went wild with cheering, and even wept a little for joy.) Overall, I have been a bit underwhelmed by the winter out here. But at least I got to know the joy of getting-to-stay-home-without-being-sick. Last year was so promising... I am thankful that I didn't buy the snowshoes that I thought would be great winter accessories.

* Last night, heaps and heaps and HEAPS of fun was had by vibegrrl and I at the local knitspot. (OK, maybe not HEAPS, but we are trying to entice another local to join us, so play along.) I mean, WOW! We laughed, we cried (when we burned our tongue on the hot coffee), I worked on a super secret project and she on her dreamy thrumms. It was amazing. Really. Anyone who could have been there, should have. ;)

* I was supposed to go horseback riding in the lovely Blue Ridge Mts. on Saturday, but alas, my beloved snow has foiled my plans. The outfitter wants to reschedule for April.

* Tonight I have to go buy a black dress that will be suitable bridesmaid-attire. Pray for me, and send me your fitting room karma.

I am going to try to take a boatload of pictures on Saturday (since it is suddenly wide open). Socks, stash, and swatches... oh my!

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