Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Pining for home

... I feel as though I am always on the road! This is the last of two weeks in Texas (again). I am getting so tired of hotels and eating out... I want to be home enjoying winter!

But my boss has been very appreciative (verbally and monetarily) and I am crossing my fingers that this phase of the project I am working on is coming to a close. The next bit should require that the Texas folks come to see us.

The good thing about all these flights (besides the miles accumulating) is how much sock knitting I have been getting done. Thank you, FMF for getting these on the server for me!

Pattern: Generic Toe-up from Simple Socks: Plain and Fancy
Yarn: Fortissimo Colori (left the ball band at home)
Needles: US1 circs!
Notes: They obviously don't match, but I am learning to love that about them. The second ball of Colori (same dye lot) was a bit lighter and had two knots (the length between knots was backwards) so after much confusion and teeth gnashing, I just let go of my crazy matching fanaticism and just knit.

Huge thanks to my former Secret Pal, Patti... she sent the yarn that encouraged me to get little tiny size 1 needles to pull these off. It wasn't so bad!

I have two more pairs on the needles... one for FMF in green and brown Mission Falls, and one in a gorgeous red colorway from Spirit Trail Fiberworks.

Hopefully, when I get home this weekend, I will have some beautiful skeins from Margaret over at Inspiration Yarns as well. If you haven't seen her colors, Check Them Out! One pair of superwash skeins is for my MIL-to-be (Poppies) and one for me (Casual Friday).

As if there was any doubt (see on order yarn above), the sock yarn addiction has grabbed hold securely and my YNBA was completely busted on my last visit here. (Damned the wonderful buyers at Hill Country Weavers and their amazing stock of yarns!!) I have a wee sock yarn stash now. Pics later.

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