Wednesday, December 15, 2004

Winter arrives, keep the frogs coming!

It is officially winter here in the great state of Maryland. The lows today were in the 20s and my walk to the office from Starbucks was actually uncomfortable without gloves. Can I get a Woo-Woo?! (I love snow. I can't stand the wait for the snow. Snowsnowsnowsnow. And, yes, I will be cursing the snow by late February. But for now: snowsnowsnowSNOW!)

Unfortunately, I couldn't BE more apathetic. I haven't knit in three days. I haven't gone three whole days without knitting since... last year. I have no faith that my gifts will be mailed in time to arrive on the big day (I'm really not even trying). What the hell?

I am so freaked out by the mad production going on everywhere in knitblogland. I think it is contributing to my disaffectedness. That and I don't have a super cute tree (I mean, that tree is totally smiling).

Christmas was always a big Family Fun Holiday for me. Don't get the wrong idea—my family is just as freaky as the next, but our freakiness is rarely antagonistic. Our meals were never ruined by screaming or awkward silences. (We were too busy eating.) My family isn't huge, but my mom has three brothers, two of which have families (one whose daughter has her own family). So there were at least a few little kids and 12 or so of the rest of us.

This year I will be here sans family, sans jolly or cheer or caroling. Prolly sans tree. Can you bear the whinging? I can't.

I used to be very enthusiastic about Christmas, I swear. I get that from my mom. At least it's almost January, right?

In the meantime, help cheer me up and keep those frogs coming! The winners will be drawn on Sunday, and can win (among other things) a wind-up hopping frog, a frog incense burner, and other equally groovy frogaphenalia.

Also, if you are on my Christmas list, you will get your gift sometime next month. Think of it as extending the gift-giving season.

Ann asked about the galloping horse rule in the last post, and as I understand it (though I picked it up on the internet, so my data is surely suspect) the gist of it is this: if a knitting/crocheting/[insert other craft here] mistake can't be seen while riding by on a galloping horse, it isn't worth losing sleep over.

Pray for snow.

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