Monday, December 27, 2004

Christmas spirit

I hope everyone who wanted one had a glorious Christmas. Thank you all who wished me well.

Trimmed Tree (sans topper)

Here is a favorite "something old" ornament. My grandmother took the picture of me and made the ornament. What you can't see in the picture is that I am riding a pony. I lived for pony rides.

Here is a favorite "something new" ornament. My very own Tree Frog.

And don't forget the Star on Top. The search for a tree topper was both last-minute and frantic. But in the end it was very successful.

The tree was overflowing with gifts from my folks and friends very briefly. In true Christmas Miracle fashion, everything we got was the right color/the right size/just right. No returns or exchanges necessary!

I had planned on a day after Christmas hike but didn't feel quite up to it when the morning arrived. I will make up for it with a nice long one on the first day of the New Year. I got some great REI loot and need to get to work breaking it all in.

Basking in the glow

It was suggested by one who's opinion I respect, that I should turn out the lights and look at the tree like this. It really did make me feel all warm and glowing. But I suspect that the fact that I wanted to stay in the dark with the glittering tree for at least the next six months is perhaps not the best sign in the world that I actually feel better.

Which leads me to my blog vacation. I may post occasionally, but lately I feel more stifled by this thing than inspired. I have always had issues with needing to feel liked and over-trying to "fit in" and despite my best intentions, this blog has become yet another way that I unrealistically measure myself against others.

When I re-started knitting, I was very adventurous and excited. I completely made up a pattern for a lace purse last February and didn't even blink! Now, because of my own hang-ups, I feel compelled to make what everyone else makes. And to get it "right" while I am at it. So, I need to step away for a bit until I can get a grip on all that.

I love so many of the women that I have "met" (and met) through blogging, and the last thing I want to do is drop off the face of the earth. I will still be reading and commenting whenever I can. But for now and as time permits, I will be turning this back into more of a non-interactive journal.

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