Friday, October 22, 2004

Too many fleas (or, why there are no ideas this Friday, either)

A reasonable amount o' fleas is good fer a dog—keeps him from broodin' over bein' a dog, mebbe.
~ Edward Noyes Westcott

I have too many fleas today. A dirty house, another business trip starting Sunday morning (so no time to clean said house), many small yet cumbersome work-tasks to perform (yes, I should be doing them now instead of posting, but let's not dwell on minutiæ), and a whole host of other whingey bullshit.

I feel very on edge, and even knitting on the pure cashmere scarf doesn't soften me up.

Why the attitude problem? (Really, I know the answer, but this is not the forum for that discussion. I am just a little worried that this chest-tightening will not go away on its own anytime soon.)

All this to say I am completely bereft of ideas. In fact, the very notion of trying to come up with ideas is making me slightly tenser than (apparently) life in general already has.

I have updated my sidebars. The astute among you will notice a sudden abundance of WIPs and UFOs. See? I am clearly a wreck. (I have been saying "clearly" way too much the last week. What does this mean? Am I searching for greater clarity or am I just so close to total burnout that my vocabulary is shrinking like a Koala's brain? [Thanks to Bess for the great article link... it has nothing to do with burnout or knitting, but everyone should read it. Now. Go on, I'll be here when you get back.])

Where the hell was I? Welcome to the Tangent Expressway, where there are plenty of exits but no signs...

Right, WIPs. I am desperate to start my thrummy thrum-thrums, but need to wrap some of these up first. My goal for this business trip is to finish at least two of them.

The cashmere scarf is being made (4x2 ribbing) from the tweedy brown 100% Cashmere I got at Schoolhouse products. It is mindless, and may make good airport terminal knitting. Although, it goes so quickly when I just apply myself that I may finish before the trip.

A's socks are Plymouth Encore in multi-red. Why is this yarn such a bitch to knit up? I have been trying to discipline the first sock with time-out (it was not allowed out the entire Rhinebeck trip) which worked wonders for Margene and her gorgeous Lara. But still it will not stop knitting too tightly or splitting at the least provocation. I should have known after the fourth cast-on attempt that this would be a problem child. Since I knit like crazy on the plane, and these guys are on my addi natura 5s, the socksies are a good candidate for business trip progress.

Then there are the gauntlets. I am using this pattern and Debbie Bliss cotton angora in black. I feel more chic just thinking about wearing these babies. But the cotton is killing my wrists for some reason. They may have to stay home this trip.

The SP/RAOK scarf is definitely coming along. Garter stitch and super cool yarns... What more could you want? This scarf is super soft and sproingy to the touch. It makes my other scarf-of-many-yarns seem downright brillo-y in comparison. I am using:
  • Cream cashmere blend and the Mode de Dea burst from SP2

  • The left over denim blue cashmere blend from SP3

  • The Katia Himalaya and mohair-esque yarn from RAOK-er Gina (left over from the 2 hour camel-colored hat)

  • Left over Schaefer Esperanza from the hood/loop thing

  • Left over Lang mohair blend from Grandma's Shawl (the fringe)

Despite the obviously appropriateness of calling it the "Leftover" scarf, I am sticking with the nearly unpronounceable "SP/RAOK" scarf (say it like sprout with a k).

The over-sweater will be huge and unwieldy in no time, so it definitely stays home. It is 100% wool from the fest, moderately scratchy, with lots of "L'Eau de Sheeps". I am using Morehouse's Sans Souci pattern. The FO should weigh approximately 87 pounds and cut the wind chill factor to null.

So much finishing needs to happen that I just might bring the dreaded Eyelet Cardi along so I can weave some ends in the hotel room. I really know how to live, huh?

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