Thursday, October 21, 2004

Rhinebeck report, part 2

This is not a picture from Rhinebeck, but from my backyard (or as we apartment/hive dwellers like to call it: "behind the building"). It is cool and rainy and grey here. While some people are sad about this, I absolutely love it. This weather doesn't happen in the South. Sure, they get gray and rainy, but it is usually still 85°. I don't care what month it is, that ain't Fall, my friends.

But this! This is the Autumn I know and love. I am going to try to get another picture today from work. We have a really great parking lot at the office full of deer and geese and other wildlife, and of course, fall colors! I was transfixed most of yesterday afternoon by the screens of gray almost-fog that wrapped around the tree tops. God, I have missed this!

Before I blather on about the pictures, let's recap the pics I didn't get. I did not snap a shot of the fabulous Plain Vanilla (not at all plain in person, but just as soft and lovely as the rumors have it). I was too tongue-tied to capture for posterity the Rhinebeck sweater in all it's zippery, cable-y goodness. And as previously mentioned, I was too shy to do more than admire the Rogue that sank a thousand ships. Norma and Steph were just as charming in person as you would guess, and Claudia's heartfelt assurances about the ease of Rogue has me this close to buying the pattern. Anyone make their Rogue out of Peace Fleece?

Me, Saturday morning. The fest is not yet open (can you say "eager"?), and I am dressed in my vest and shawl, yet still freezing! Notice the blue and white expando-bag. This thing held my entire spoils from MDS&W, but could not hold the stash from Rhinebeck.

SR tried to steal an alpaca and had to go undercover.

Wow. Just wow, right?
See the whole picture here.
And my Fall Foliage contest entry here (taken from the Vanderbilt Mansion overlook).

I will try to post some actual knitting content tomorrow.

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