Sunday, July 11, 2004

When knitting is not enough of a destressor...

Two words: Shop and Pamper

Before I get into all that, I made one of these icons awhile back and forgot to post it. I know putting it up makes my blog so three memes ago, but I don't care.

I can't remember where I saw the first one, but I snagged the link from Michelle.

First the shopping. It was (of course) for more yarn. I used to buy other things, like clothes and CDs. But now just books and knitting paraphernalia.

Think Children's Television Workshop: Today's Stash enhancement was brought to you by the knitting buddy Lara, and the LYS Woolwinders.

Purchase number one was the dreamiest ever Shaefer Esperanza in the lovely Wintery shade of "Edith Piaf" (I haven't the faintest). I have a great pattern for a one skein cowl that will likely end up all mine.

the contrast is a bit high in the picture, it is more grey and tawny against cream

[...the rest of this post was long-winded and full of photos. Including the lovely yarn that Kathy mailed me (Trendsetter Dune), the chunky cabled scarf I finished, the Cotton Angora, Online Punta, and Colinette Isis I apparently couldn't do without, and even my toes (newly pedicured). But thanks to a power surge, its all gone. It's like a sick joke, what with me needing destressing and all... I even know better than to not save as I go. After a shitty over-worked week and six more to look forward to before I get a break to even breathe, this little thing has broken me for the evening. I will try to repost later this week.]

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